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Project Experience:                                             QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS

●Buffalo Business Center
●Dollar General
●Olympic Gateway

Client: Trident Pacific
Client: Jones Vargas
Client: Cash-Thomas Associates, LLC
●Casey's Walt Water
●Olin Hypure Bleach Facility

Client: USW Holdings Company, LLC
Client: CivilWorksInc
●Evolution Lofts
●Tahiti Village
●Turnberry Towers

Client: Charleston 3rd, LLC
Client: Consolidated Resorts
Client: Turnberry, Inc.
●Amesbury Law Office

Client: David Amesbury
●Central Career Tech School

Client: CivilWorksInc
●Orchard Detention Basin
●Pedestrian Bridge
●Sunset Park Concession Stand

Client: Parson Brinkerhoff
Client: HDR
Client: RBA Architecture
                            Surveying        Right-of-Way        Acquisition       Other Services