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In addition to our Surveying, Right-of-Way, and Acquisition Services, HMHSurveyingInc4 can provide the following services:

●Topographic and Boundary ●Traffic Engineering
●Mapping ●Hydraulic Engineering
●Construction Staking ●Architectural Services
●Civil Engineering ●Underground Utility Locations
●Soils Engineering  


ALTA Survey @ World Market Center Rome Condos @ Rome & Decatur
Boulder City Lateral @ Lake Mead Topo & Boundary @ Hwy 15
Elkhorn Overpass @ Hwy 95 Town Center Loop @ Summerlin
Evolution Lofts @ Charleston Tropical Overpass @ Rancho
MGM Towers @ Las Vegas Blvd Turnberry Towers @ Madison
Overton Airport @ Overton Water Pipeline @ 170C & D
                            Surveying        Right-of-Way        Acquisition       Other Services